Dr. Emily Leonard

Dr. Leonard started practicing veterinary medicine in 1999 after graduating from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts, West Indies. Her veterinary career started in Upstate New York practicing companion animal, large animal, and emergency medicine. She and her 2 girls, Brooke and Lily, moved back to her hometown of St. Louis in 2009. In St. Louis she worked at Veterinary Specialty Services in the emergency and critical care department as well as in a private practice for companion animals in Manchester. Dr. Leonard always admired Cherry Hills Veterinary Hospital founded by Dr. Christine Simcik. In July 2014 Dr. Simcik contacted Dr. Leonard with tears in her eyes and said she was ready to retire and felt the Leonard family would continue the practice with each individual patients best interest at heart.

Avery Rogers, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Avery Rogers is a Registered Veterinary Nurse who has been employed in the veterinary medical industry throughout the St. Louis area since February of 2008. Upon graduating from Sanford-Brown College – Fenton in 2009, she has worked in private companion animal medicine, emergency medicine, and most recently shelter medicine.

Her interests include anesthesia/surgery, dentistry, and radiology. In the summer of 2017, Avery volunteered at the St. Louis Zoo Veterinary Hospital and assisted the nurses there with procedures on a wide variety of species.

Avery and her husband David have 2 cats Betty and Dee.

Avery is excited to be a part of Cherry Hills Veterinary Hospital and strives to deliver compassionate and progressive veterinary medical care to the entire community.


Holly Luechauer, Practice Manager

Holly graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in December 2007 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and was married to her husband, Nathan, in June of 2008. After about 4 years of teaching in various settings, she realized that it wasn’t her true passion. The next 3 years was full of new experiences as she followed her husband around the country during his career with the United States Air Force.

She has always been an animal lover and has two Yorkshire terriers, Bentley and Caroline, who are her fur babies! She decided to make a career change and started working at a veterinary hospital in Memphis, TN, as a receptionist. She quickly realized this was the career for her.

She came to Missouri in December of 2016 due to her husband’s job transfer, and she instantly began looking for a job in the veterinary field. Cherry Hills Veterinary Hospital was the perfect match!

She loves to kayak and take advantage of all that nature has to offer with her husband and friends.

Cricket, Reception (aka Donna Riehlman)

Cricket has always had a passion for animals and while growing up brought home strays with the hopes of keeping all of them. She was born and raised in Kentucky and became active in creating a local SPCA. Through determination and hard work, their group was able to raise the funds to build a much needed animal shelter. In 1981 she moved to St. Louis with her family, worked in a local insurance agency for 30 years and is now happy to be working as a receptionist at Cherry Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Pam Eder, Reception

Pam lives in Fenton with her husband Skip of 30 years and her 3 mutts (her favorite breed) Cooper, Evee & Penny. Pam has had no less than 3 pets at any one time throughout her life and is always looking for more to join their pack!

She started working in the veterinary field in 2013 and immediately fell in love with being in the animal care environment. Working the front desk is the perfect fit for her…computers, people & pets! She loves greeting each client and making them feel comfortable. And getting lots of dog kisses!

When she’s not working at CHVH she is working in real estate with her husband, pet sitting, kayaking, gardening, photography or hanging out with her 2 adult sons (Elliott & Ben) & grandpups (Koda & Rhonda).

Brooke Leonard, Veterinary Assistant/Reception

Brooke is one of Dr. Leonard’s daughters. She currently attends The Fulton School at St. Albans. Brooke works up front in the lobby as well as in the treatment area.  Outside of work, she practices Hunter/Jumper horseback riding, basketball, and volleyball.

Brooke is looking forward to meeting new clients and patients at Cherry Hills Veterinary Hospital!

Briana Gravatt, Veterinary Assistant

Briana graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelors of Science majoring in Biology in August 2019. Her lifelong dream is to become a Veterinarian, but would be more than happy with any career in veterinary medicine. She grew up in St. Louis, but went to college in Kansas City. After getting her degree she decided to move back to St. Louis to find a job and continue her education. Throughout college and high school she would spend her free time volunteering at animal shelters and shadowing local veterinarians. She started working in the veterinary field as an animal caretaker at Rockhill Animal Clinic in Kansas City, MO in 2017.

Briana has had a love for animals since she was 3 years old and has wanted to help them anyway she can ever since. She helps her parents take care of their combined 8 cats. Three with her mom: Monty, Baby, and Petey; 5 with her Dad: Shammy, Tweek, Nicky, Cruella, and Shadow.

When she’s not working or continuing her education she enjoys going out with her friends or spending time with her boyfriend Stephan.

She’s excited to work with and learn from the Cherry Hills Veterinary Team.

Lily Leonard, Hospital Helper

Lily was born in Upstate New York on November 30, 2007. She is another daughter of Dr. Leonard’s. Lily has 4 dogs, 5 cats, a goat, 8 chickens and a pond. One of her dogs is named Fig, another one is Fred, and then there is Bonnie, and last but not least JoJo. The name of her cats are Billy Leo, Purr Purr, Neapolitan, Merlin, and Wizard. Now she lives in St. Louis and attends school at The Fulton School at Saint Albans. Buttercup is the name of her goat. (written by Lily)

Lily loves photography, drawing, playing sports and listening to music. Lily is also a greeter at Cherry Hills Veterinary Hospital and can’t wait to meet new dogs and cats!

Tori, Veterinary Assistant

Tori graduated from Marquette High School in May 2019, and she is continuing her education with Missouri’s A+ program at Saint Louis Community College. Ever since she was a little girl, she always had a passion for animals, and she has always hoped to become a veterinarian one day.  Throughout high school, she would spend her free time with her horse Shelby. Shelby was a dumped stray horse. Tori took her in with the help of a Natural Horsemanship Trainer. Shelby went from a lost cause horse to Tori’s best friend. Tori later adopted Mavis, her dog, from Missouri’s Humane Society. She has put Mavis through The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizenship Program. Mavis is a therapy dog now, and Tori volunteers with her in different hospice settings.
Tori also loves aquatic life! She manages multiple freshwater fish tanks at home and hopes to one day have a saltwater tank. Tori met Dr. Leonard at her previous job Petco and was offered a job at Cherry Hills Veterinary Hospital. She jumped on that offer instantly!

Tori has always loved animals and grew up with quite a variety: dogs, cats, horses, fish, and rodents.   She loves and cares for all of her animals. When she’s not working or continuing her education she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets.
She’s excited to work with and learn from the Cherry Hills Veterinary Team!


We would like to acknowledge and congratulate the former employees of Cherry Hills that have go on to further their education and desire to become a veterinarian! We wish them each all the best in the future.

Stephanie Stoll – Class of 2023

Taylor Krupp – Class of 2023